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Local Churches


Christian Science Society
First Church of Christ
St. Mary of Mount Carmel - Fancher



Church of the Intercession — Formerly located at 1417 Church Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481. Founded December 6, 1852, with records beginning within two years.  A brief history appeared in the Stevens Point Daily Journal on December 3, 1932.

St. Olaf Episcopal Church, Amherst — 227 North Main, Amherst, WI  54406; 715-824-3739. Some records may be at St. Marks of Waupaca or Church of the Intercession.  This church holds the records for confirmation, burials, baptisms, memberships and marriages from 1896-1944.  They have treasury records from 1916 to present, service records from 1896-1904, 1891-1894, and 1937-1951. 

See this article on St. Olaf's which was published in the Tomorrow River Times on January 4, 1979.


Berea Baptist Church, Stevens Point — 2216 Ellis Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-344-7038.  Founded in 1959, records for baptisms and marriages begin in 1960.

1st Baptist Church (American Baptist), Stevens Point — 1948 Church Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-344-9265.
Founded in 1855. Holds records fro baptisms, deaths and transfers from May 25, 1858 to June 29, 1889, and from June 12, 1912 to present.


The following Catholic churches of Portage County are in the Stevens Point Deanery in the La Crosse Diocese.  The dates indicate the years in which the records of birth, marriage and death begin for the respective parishes or missions.   To request a particular record or to have a search done for a record you need to contact the
La Crosse Diocese Archives

Stevens Point, St. Stephen
Stevens Point, St. Casimir
Stevens Point, St. Joseph
Stevens Point, St. Peter
Stevens Point, St. Stanislaus
Almond/Heffron, G. Angels/St. John
Amherst, St. James
Buena Vista, St. Martin
Custer, Immaculate Conception
Fancher, St. Mary of Mt. Carmel (see above also)
Junction City, St. Michael
Lanark, St. Patrick
Mill Creek, St. Bartholomew
Plover, St. Bronislava
Polonia, Sacred Heart
Rosholt, St. Adalbert
Torun, Immaculate Conception

The UW-Stevens Point Area Research Center, located on the 5th floor of the campus library has the Kitowski/Groshek Collection.  Included are the following birth, marriage, and death records of Sacred Heart of Polonia and of St. Casimir's of Stevens Point (town of Hull). 

Sacred Heart: Baptisms - 1875 to 1908 (large .pdf file).  Marriages - 1875 to Aug 1882; Apr 1888 to Nov 1913 (large .pdf file).  Burials - Feb 1878 to Mar 1882; Apr 1888 to Mar 1926 (large .pdf file). 

St. Casimir: Baptisms - Sep 1875 to Jun 1916 (large .pdf file).  Marriages - Feb 1876 to Nov 1914 (large .pdf file).  Burials - Oct 1875 to 1948 (large .pdf file).


(Information as to where records are kept will be added as it is obtained. )

Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Alban (1878)
      (see Faith Lutheran Church)

Christ Lutheran Church, Galloway (1928-1956)
      (see Faith Lutheran Church)

Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rosholt (1905)
      (see Faith Lutheran Church)

Evangelical Lutheran German Church, Stevens Point
      (see St. Paul Lutheran Church, Stevens Point)

Faith Lutheran Church — P.O. Box 6, Rosholt, WI  54474; 715-677-4631.
The church was founded in 1961 (church building built in 1971).  This church was merged with the following churches:
      Alban Lutheran Church (1878)
      Concordia Lutheran Church, Rosholt (1905)
      Christ Lutheran Church, Galloway (1928)

Nelsonville Lutheran Church — 3061 Oak, Nelsonville, WI  54458; 715-824-2682.
The records date from 1888 to present.

North New Hope Lutheran Church — 845 County Road T, Amherst Junction, WI  54407; 715-824-2883.  Founded in 1857.  In 1887, split into North New Hope and South New Hope (see below).  Early records were destroyed in a fire in 1946. 

Norwegian Evangelical Mission Church, near Dancy
      (see Trinity Lutheran)

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Benson Corners — Hwy 161 & Cty. T; 920-685-0319.  Mailing address: N6916 TU Lakes Road, Scandinavia, WI 54977-9249. (Evangelical Lutheran Synod)
Founded in 1922.

Peace Lutheran Church, Amherst — 293 S. Main, Amherst, WI  54406; 715-824-5615. (ELCA)
Birth and baptismal records of this church begin in 1879, marriages in 1881 and confirmation and death records in 1882.  They also hold transfer records up to the 1920s.  The languages are Norwegian and English.

St. Johns Lutheran Church, Almond — 1165 County Road D, Almond, WI; 715-366-2480.  Mailing address: PO Box 126, Almond, WI  54909-0126. (Missouri Synod)
Founded in 1870.   Records begin in 1902, German and English.  St. Johns also holds records for:
      St. Paul Lutheran Church - Buena Vista (see next entry for more information)
      St. Paul Lutheran Church - Wild Rose

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Buena Vista — Blaine, WI. Information on this church is in a binder in the Archives of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Stevens Point, WI. (Click here for a table of contents of what is available.) People with questions may contact the church office by email at: Their web site is:

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Amherst — 203 Grant Street, Amherst, WI  54406; 715-824-3314. (Missouri Synod)
Founded in 1870. Records date from 1877 to present and include secretary and treasurers reports.  German and English.

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Junction City — 1225 Main St, Junction City, WI  54443; 715-457-2405. (Missouri Synod)
Founded in 1918.  Holds records from that date.  Early records are in German language and script.  They also hold the records for Dancy Lutheran Church, beginning in 1895, in German and English, and some records from the Carson Lutheran Chapel.

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Stevens Point — 1919 Wyatt Ave, Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-344-5664. (Missouri Synod)
Founded in 1872 as the Evangelical Lutheran German Church. Records from 1874.

South New Hope Church - 1410 County Rd T, New Hope, WI. 

Trinity Lutheran Church, Stevens Point — 1410 Rogers Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-344-2869. (ELCA)
Founded in April 1874 as the Norwegian Evangelical Mission Church.  Records, from 1881 to early 1900s are in Norwegian. 


Plover United Methodist Church, Plover — 2820 Plover Springs Drive, Plover, WI  54476; 715-344-9192.
Founded in 1843.  Holds records for births from 1884 to present, for baptisms from 1902 to present, and marriage and transfers from 1900 to present.  In 1993, the congregation published a booklet on the history of the church (commemorating the 150th year) available with a great deal of background information.

St. Paul's United Methodist, Stevens Point — 600 Wilshire Blvd., Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-344-3557.
Services were held from 1848, but this church was officially organized in 1857.  The records prior to 1960 are minimal and reconstructions, due to fire in 1960.  Records after that date are very complete.  In 2007, this church celebrated its 150th year.  Click here for a church profile. Click here for additional history.

United Methodist Church, Amherst — 163 Laconia, Amherst, WI  54406; 715-341-0395.
Founded in 1858, this church holds records beginning in 1876, in English.

United Methodist Church, Almond — P.O. Box 36, Plainfield, WI  54966; 715-335-6738.
Almond United Methodist Church was formed by joining the English and German Methodist in the 1940's. One book from the German Church (1880-1890s) was burned in a fire in a parishioner's house.  The birth records from English Methodist run from 1862 to 1928 and to present, German Methodist from 1907 to 1954.  The baptism records are partial from 1879 to 1907.  The marriage, death and transfer records fall into the same time periods.  They also hold records from the following churches:
      Blaine Methodist, from 1940
      Grant Methodist, one book


Frame Memorial United Presbyterian, Stevens Point — 1300 Main Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-341-3040.
Founded in 1865. They do not currently hold copies of their early records. Death, transfer and membership records begin in 1890, confirmation records in 1943, and marriage and baptism records in 1953, all in English.


Community Evangelical Free Church, Junction City — 4072 Hwy. H & O, Junction City, WI  54443; 715-457-2330.
Founded in November 1892. The records are spotty, with the early ones in Swedish.

Peace United Church of Christ, Stevens Point — 1756 Dixon Street, Stevens Point, WI  54481; 715-344-7104.
The original name of this church, founded in 1895, was the German Evangelical Friedens Church, later called Peace Evangelical Church (Synod of North America).  In 1935, they united with the Reformed Church in the USA, known as the Evangelical and Reformed Church.  In 1957 another merger took place with the Congregational Christian Church, taking the present name.  Records from 1895 to 1920 are in German.  Later records are in English.


Beth Israel Synagogue, Stevens Point