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Rosholt Newspapers

Abbreviations: ARC - Area Research Center; LJL - Lettie Jensen Library, Amherst; PCHS; Portage County Historical Society collection at ARC; PCPL - Portage County Public Library; WHS - Wisconsin Historical Society; SPAGS - Stevens Point Area Genealogical Society; YES/NO - microfilm; tka - then known as.

Rosholt Echo, Weekly, 1905-1906
Only 2 issues known
WHS 1906:Mar 2 partial, Apr 20 Part of P81-4544
ARC No; Paper only 1906:Apr 20, property of PCHS
SPAGS Access through website; 1906:Mar 2, 1906:Apr 20

Rosholt Record, Weekly, 1909-1914
Only 1 issue known
ARC No; Paper only 1912:Aug 29, property of PCHS

Rosholt Journal, Weekly, 1913-1918
Only 2 issues known
WHS 1913:Mar 13; 1917:Sep 28 Part of P81-4544
ARC No; Paper only, property of PCHS
SPAGS Access through website; 1913:Mar 13, 1917:Sep 28

Rosholt Review, Weekly, 1920-1924, 1925-1926
Suspended publication late 1924-early 1925
WHS 1920:Dec 3-1924:Oct 31, 1925:Aug 27 P75-3255
PCPL Yes; except no 1925 issue, added on to film at later date
ARC No; Paper only 1920-1924, property of PCHS
SPAGS Access 1925 issue through website

Rosholt Community Press, Weekly, 1926-1931, 1931-1935
Suspended publication 3 months 1931
WHS 1926:Nov 25-1931:Jan 1 P74-4772
  1929:Jun P81-4542 (Greater Wisconsin issue, sponsored by WI Press Association, 16 pages of business, industry, and education, no local news)
  1934:Mar 9, Dec 6 -1935:Jul 4 P94-859, scattered missing
PCPL Yes;  except no Jun 1929 Greater Wisconsin issue
ARC No; Paper only 1926-1930, Additional dates known 1931:Mar-Dec, property of PCHS

Rosholt Record, Monthly, 2007-Current
PCPL No; Paper only