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Title Abbreviation Dates   Call Number: Location Library Format
Junction City Community Press JCCP 27 Oct 1949 thru 1 Oct 1959 and 2 Feb 1961 thru 27 Jan 1963   M 070 Com 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Wisconsin Eagle WI Eagle 3 Nov 1884 thru 2 Nov 1885   M 070 Wis 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Wisconsin State Rights WI State Rights 9 Apr 1861 thru 4 Dec 1861   M 050 W7536 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
The Point The Point(ARC) 17 Mar 1870 and 24 Sep 1870   No call number 5th Floor Archives UW-SP Area Research Center Original Paper
The Point The Point(MF) 5 Jul 1871 thru Dec 1871 missing 13 Sep 1871   M 070 Poi 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Plover Herald Plover Hrld 6 Aug 1856 thru 30 Jul 1857   M 070 Plo 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Stanton Weekly Times Stanton Aug 1859 thru Apr 1860 scattered issues   M 070 Plo 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Stevens Point Daily Herald SPDH 25 Oct 1895   No call number 5th Floor Archives UW-SP Area Research Center Original Paper
Hungerford's Real Estate Journal HREJ 15 Feb 1879 thru 15 Jul 1886   M 070 Hun 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Wisconsin Lumberman WL 23 Dec 1863 thru 17 Jul 1868   M 050 W7536 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
The Village Herald (Almond) VH Sep 1977 thru May 1980   Genealogy REF 070 Vil 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Original Paper
Stevens Point Democrat SPDem 21 Feb 1880 thru 4 Jul 1885   M 070 Ste 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Rosholt Review RR 3 Dec 1920 thru 31 Oct 1924   M 070 Ros 2nd Floor,    Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Rosholt Community Press RCP 25 Nov 1926 thru 1 Jan 1931 & 6 Dec 1934 thru 4 Jul 1935   M 070 Ros 2nd Floor,   Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Amherst Advocate AA 22 Feb 1893 thru 1955   M 070 Adv 2nd Floor,   Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Tomorrow River Times TRT 2 Jul 1975 thru Jun 1999   M 070 Tom 2nd Floor,   Non-Circulating Portage County Public Library Microfilm
Name Alternate Name Newspaper Date of Article Page
Aanonson, --- Bestul, Mrs. Charles RR 1, 8-Jul-1921 1
Aanrud, Olous Iverson   AA 1-Jul-1943  
Abrahamson, Adolph   AA 29-Mar-1934  
Abrahamson, Calmer   AA 19-Feb-1953 1
Abrahamson, Caroline Sophia  Guyant, Mrs. Bert AA 28-May-1953 1
Abrahamson, Daughter Abrahamson, Norman L. (Father) AA 27-Dec-1928  
Abrahamson, Donald   AA 21-Jan-1960  
Abrahamson, Harold   RR 9-Jun-1922 4, 8
Abrahamson, Marion   RCP 27-Dec-1928 1
Abrahamson, Mrs. Adolph Melum, Clara AA 5-Mar-1960  
Abrahamson, Mrs. Hannah Lee, Hannah AA 5-Jun-1958  
Abrahamson, Mrs. Peter   AA 11-Mar-1915  
Abrahamson, Nels N.   AA 19-Feb-1959  
Abrahamson, Nels Sr.   AA 18-Sep-1924  
Abrahamson, Paul   AA 12-Oct-1967  
Abrahamson, Son Abrahamson Nels Jr. (Father) AA 8-Jun-1922  
Abrahamson, Walter   AA 24-Apr-1924  
Ackerman, Johnnie   AA 31-Mar-1910  
Ackerman, Son Ackerman, Elmer (Father) AA 14-Oct-1926  
Adams, Adam   SPDem 20-Oct-1883 1
Adams, Annette   AA 4-Apr-1940  
Adams, Beulah   AA 4-May-1916  
Adams, Byron C.   AA 28-Mar-1946  
Adams, Charles   AA 7-Oct-1920  
Adams, Edward   AA 18, 25-Nov-1920  
Adams, Eugene   AA 19-Apr-1902  
Adams, Frederick O.   AA 30-May-1940  
Adams, Frederick Otto   AA 19-Aug-1926  
Adams, Hazel Riley, Mrs. Patrick AA 18-May-1967  
Adams, Mattie   SPDem 16-May-1885 1
Adams, Mrs. Earl   AA 17-Aug-1961  
Adams, Mrs. Earl   AA 25-Jul-1963 4
Adams, Sarah Young, Mrs. Simon AA 28-Nov-1929  
Adamski, Frances Sopa, Mrs. Florian AA 28-Aug-1930  
Adler, Amelia   AA 16-Jun-1927  
Ahl, Annie Carlson, Mrs. George TRT 13-Nov-1975  
Akey, Nobert   AA 26-Mar-1959  
Akey, Richard   JCCP 9-Jun-1955 1
Akey, William G.   AA 27-Sep-1956  
Alban, Clarissa W. Alban, Mrs. James S. WL 23-Aug-1867 1
Alban, Mrs. James S. Alban, Clarissa W. WL 23-Aug-1867 1
Alban, Sybil Celina   AA 3-Jan-1957  
Albert, Mrs. Charles Mayer, Caroline Marie JCCP 17-Mar-1955 1
Albertie, John   SPDem 27-Mar-1880 1
Albright, Julius   SPDem 15-Jan-1882 1
Alder, Mathilda Borchardt, Mrs. Herman AA 26-Feb, 5 Mar-1953 1,3,5
Aldrich, Andrew Jackson   WL 17-Feb-1865 1
Aldrich, Arabella Allen, Mrs. Edgar AA 25-May-1933  
Aldrich, Daughter Aldrich, Raymond (Father) AA 21-Apr-1904  
Aldrich, Elmer   AA 20-Dec-1934  
Aldrich, Elsie Johnson, Mrs. Elsie AA 7-Feb-1957  
Aldrich, Eugene   AA 14-May-1902  
Aldrich, Gaines D.   AA 7-Apr-1927  
Aldrich, Hays   AA 26-Jan-1933  
Aldrich, Jack   AA 30-Nov-1961  
Aldrich, Lloyd   AA 27-May-1909  
Aldrich, Mabel   AA 23-Aug-1893  
Aldrich, Mina Aldrich, Mrs. Raymond AA 28-Feb-1918  
Aldrich, Mrs. Charles May Reading, Margaret AA 29-Apr-1937  
Aldrich, Mrs. Chester Hoffman, Mary AA 31-Jul-1941  
Aldrich, Mrs. Elmer   AA 2-Jan-1908  
Aldrich, Mrs. Raymond Aldrich, Mina AA 28-Feb-1918  
Aldrich, Raymond   AA 23-Jul-1936  
Aldrich, Winnie Penney, Mrs. George AA 5-Feb-1948  
Alexander, Taylor   AA 23-Apr-1936  
Alger, Emma Holtz   AA 27-Nov-1941  
Alger, Morgan   AA 18-Apr-1929  
Allen, Abraham   Plover Hrld 14-May-1857 2
Allen, Adeline Allen, Fred (Father) AA 15-Mar-1906  
Allen, Clay   AA 3-Oct-1940  
Allen, Edgar   AA 21-Apr-1904  
Allen, Edna Mabel   AA 21-Jan-1960  
Allen, Ernest   AA 6-Mar-1941  
Allen, Eugene   AA 31-Jan-1900  
Allen, Fay Allen, Fred (Father) AA 27-Sep-1917  
Allen, Frank E.   AA 30-Jun-1921  
Allen, Fred   AA 24-Apr-1958  
Allen, Fred Lewis   AA 18-Oct-1945  
Allen, George Jr.   AA 23-Nov-1950  
Allen, George Sr.   AA 24, 31-Mar-1921  
Allen, Grace   AA 2-Feb-1961  
Allen, Haze   AA 11-Oct-1934  
Allen, Hugh   AA 14-Jun-1945  
Allen, Lillian Morgan, Mrs. John T. AA 4-Jan-1945  
Allen, Lindy Jerome   AA 1, 15-Sep-1955 1,5,8
Allen, Maria Van Skiver, Mrs. Hiram B. AA 9-Sep-1915  
Allen, May McKellips, Mrs. Charles AA 29-Oct-1942  
Allen, Mina Wolcott, Mrs. J. AA 8-Jan-1925  
Allen, Mrs. Arville   AA 1-May-1933  
Allen, Mrs. Claude Waterman, Stella AA 31-Mar-1966  
Allen, Mrs. Edgar Aldrich, Arabella AA 25-May-1933  
Allen, Mrs. Ernest Carey, Sarah AA 19-Feb-1942  
Allen, Mrs. Frank E.   AA 15-Jul-1920  
Allen, Mrs. George Sr.   AA 14-Oct-1915  
Allen, Mrs. Hugh Torgerson, Josephine AA 15-Mar-1889  
Allen, Mrs. Jessie   AA 11-Sep-1901  
Allen, Mrs. Mary   AA 21-Mar-1935  
Allen, Mrs. Percy   AA 11-Aug-1966  
Allen, Mrs. Wayne   AA 1-Jun-1922  
Allen, Mrs. Wayne Rosholt, Inga RR 9-Jun-1922 1
Allen, Mrs. William H.   AA 14-Dec-1933  
Allen, Percy   AA 6-Apr-1961  
Allen, Robert   AA 7-May-1931  
Allen, Rowena   JCCP 5-Oct, 12-Oct-1961 1
Allen, Son Allen, George Jr. (Father) AA 13-Mar-1924  
Allen, Son Allen, Claude (Father) AA 7-Apr-1930  
Allen, Son Allen, Clay (Father) AA 4-May-1939  
Allen, Wayne O.   AA 19-Feb-1953 1
Allen, William H.H.   AA 13, 20-Mar-1901  
Allen, William M.   AA 25-Jul, 1-Aug-1940  
Alm, Emma Olson, Mrs. Gust AA 20-Mar-1941  
Alm, Enon O.   AA 31-Dec-1908  
Alm, Eric O.   AA 29-Jun-1967  
Alm, Hemmie   AA 5-May-1941  
Alm, Hemmie   AA 4-Jan-1968  
Alm, June   AA 19, 26-Jan-1939  
Alm, Marie   AA 3-Mar-1955 1
Alm, Mrs. Carl Alm, Sofia AA 27-Nov-1913  
Alm, Myron Oscar   AA 13-Aug-1914  
Alm, Ole   AA 13-Jan-1944  
Alm, Paulina   AA 9-Dec-1909  
Alm, Peter E.   AA 30-Oct-1952 1
Alm, Roy   AA 21-May-1964 5
Alm, Sofia Alm, Mrs. Carl AA 27-Nov-1913  
Alrich, Worth   AA 2-Jan-1895  
Altenburg, Earl   JCCP 15-Oct-1964 1
Altenburg, Mrs. Charles Riant, Nettie JCCP 12-Mar-1959 1
Alverson, Chester J.   VH 24-Jan-1980 2
Amacher, Son Amacher, Henry (Father) AA 16-Feb-1933  
Amble, Herbert A.   JCCP 24-May-1962 1
Ammel, Harold W.   AA 12-Oct-1967  
Amundson, Alfred   AA 19-Oct-1961  
Amundson, Christian   AA 11-Jul-1912  
Amundson, Goodman   AA 3-Aug-1922  
Amundson, Herman   AA 3-Jul-1930  
Amundson, Herman   RCP 3, 10-Jul-1930 1
Amundson, Iva Amundson, Herman (Father) AA 5-Nov-1914  
Amundson, Iva (2)   AA 10-Mar-1932  
Amundson, Leona   RCP 23-May-1935 1
Amundson, Mrs. Christian Hermanson, Lena AA 20-Oct-1904  
Amundson, Mrs. Goodman   AA 9-Feb-1922  
Amundson, Peter   AA 24-Aug-1916  
Anderson, Albert   AA 12-Nov-1942  
Anderson, Albert   AA 29-Apr-1943  
Anderson, Albert   AA 22-Jul-1965  
Anderson, Albert J.   AA 19-Dec-1900  
Anderson, Alfred O.   AA 18-Mar-1954 1
Anderson, Aliner   AA 1-Jan-1942  
Anderson, Alma Martin, Mrs. Alma AA 4-Jan-1962 5
Anderson, Andrew   AA 7-Mar-1907  
Anderson, Andrew   RCP 7-Mar-1935 1
Anderson, Andrew    AA 6-Mar-1924  
Anderson, Andrew N.   AA 2-Nov-1961  
Anderson, Andrew S.   AA 13-Apr-1944  
Anderson, Anne Dorthea   AA 31-Oct-1940  
Anderson, Anton C.   AA 5-Mar-1960  
Anderson, Anton O.   AA 15-Jan-1920  
Anderson, Arthur Garfield   AA 18-Jun-1942, 10-Sep-1942  
Anderson, Avis   RCP 11-Apr-1929 1
Anderson, Betty Ann   AA 16-Dec-1965  
Anderson, Carl J.   AA 10-Nov-1938  
Anderson, Caroline   AA 4-Jan-1962 4
Anderson, Child Anderson, Mrs. Alfred (Mother) AA 9-May-1912  
Anderson, Child Anderson, Norman E. (Father) AA 1-Dec-1921  
Anderson, Chris   AA 28-Aug-1924  
Anderson, Daughter Anderson, Edwin (Father) AA 13-Oct-1932  
Anderson, Dorothy   RR 28-Oct-1921 4
Anderson, Dorothy Jane Anderson, Orlando (Father) AA 19-Dec-1918  
Anderson, Effie Olson, Mrs. Henry AA 21-Jun-1956  
Anderson, Elizabeth Virginia   RCP 14-Feb-1929 1
Anderson, Ella R. Olson, Mrs. Louis A. AA 1-Jun-1961  
Anderson, Hans   AA 27-Jun-1957  
Anderson, Jane Louise   AA 6-Aug-1936  
Anderson, Jennie Floistad, Mrs. Harry AA 26-Mar-1964 1
Anderson, John   JCCP 19-Apr-1956 1
Anderson, John   VH 21-Sep-1978 2
Anderson, Karen Olson, Mrs. Christ AA 9, 16-Jan-1947  
Anderson, Kenneth (Attorney)   JCCP 6-Sep-1956 1
Anderson, Kenneth E.   AA 13-Sep-1956  
Anderson, Lena Mason, Mrs. Wesley AA 12-Feb-1953 1
Anderson, Lillian Hansen, Mrs. Alfred AA 20-Jul-1961  
Anderson, Mae Johnson, Mrs. John AA 9-Nov-1961  
Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Mrs. James AA 30-Jan-1941  
Anderson, Martin   AA 26-Sep-1912  
Anderson, Minnie Carey, Mrs. Morris AA 8, 15-Nov-1934  
Anderson, Morris   AA 10-May-1962 4
Anderson, Morris M.   AA 23-Jul-1964 4
Anderson, Mrs. A. G. Nelson, Caroline J. AA 3, 10-Sep-1925  
Anderson, Mrs. A. P. Anderson, Nellie AA 2-Jan-1895  
Anderson, Mrs. A. S.   AA 10-Sep-1925  
Anderson, Mrs. Albert J. Peterson, Bessie M. AA 24-Aug-1933  
Anderson, Mrs. Alfred   AA 5-Oct-1939  
Anderson, Mrs. Andrew   AA 20-Apr-1933  
Anderson, Mrs. Andrew Hart, Victoria AA 7-May-1964 6
Anderson, Mrs. Andrew P.   AA 4-May-1916  
Anderson, Mrs. Andrew S. Gurholt, Mary AA 22-Jan-1948  
Anderson, Mrs. Arthur G.   AA 24-Sep-1953 3
Anderson, Mrs. Bella Nerlien, Bella AA 26-May-1960  
Anderson, Mrs. Ethyl Kinney, Ethyl AA 13-Jun-1957  
Anderson, Mrs. Guneld   AA 22-Feb-1923  
Anderson, Mrs. Hans Johnson, Gertrude AA 24-Nov-1966  
Anderson, Mrs. Henry   AA 4-Apr-1957  
Anderson, Mrs. James Anderson, Margaret AA 30-Jan-1941  
Anderson, Mrs. Lillian Sannes, Lillian AA 20-Jul-1967  
Anderson, Mrs. Margaret   JCCP 28-Jan-1965 1
Anderson, Mrs. Marie   AA 26-Sep-1912  
Anderson, Mrs. Martin Dokka, Pauline AA 17-May-1934  
Anderson, Mrs. Martin Newby, Petra AA 6-Apr-1967  
Anderson, Mrs. N. T.   AA 24-Jan-1929  
Anderson, Mrs. Peter C. Farnum, Lizzie AA 16-Oct-1941  
Anderson, Mrs. Peter M. Paulson, Sina AA 4-Oct-1956  
Anderson, Mrs. Peter M. Paulson, Sina JCCP 27-Sep, 4-Oct-1956 1
Anderson, Mrs. Peter S. Thompson, Susan Ena AA 30-Dec-1954 1
Anderson, Myron   AA 20-Oct-1960  
Anderson, Myrtle Winnefred   AA 24-Dec-1903  
Anderson, Nellie Anderson, Mrs. A. P. AA 2-Jan-1895  
Anderson, Norman Ellwood   AA 27-Nov-1952 1
Anderson, Palmer   AA 13-Apr-1916  
Anderson, Peter S.   AA 30-Jul-1942  
Anderson, R. Norman   AA 4-Jul-1957  
Anderson, Rama Hotchkiss, Mrs. Ronald VH 8-Feb-1979 3
Anderson, Regina Sannes, Mrs. K. M. AA 30-Apr-1908  
Anderson, Rev. Andrew   JCCP 9-Nov-1961 1
Anderson, Richard Anderson, Ben (Father) AA 27-Dec-1917  
Anderson, Robert   AA 9-Apr-1964 3
Anderson, Son Anderson, Lars (Father) SPDem 22-Dec-1883 1
Anderson, T. W.   AA 21-Dec-1916  
Anderson, Thomas   AA 31-Dec-1908  
Anderson, William   AA 21-Jul-1955 3
Anderson, William H.   JCCP 28-Jun-1956 1
Andreason, Carl   RR 11-Jan-1924 4
Andrews, Christine Andrews, Mrs. Andrew AA 2-Jul-1942  
Andrews, John   AA 7, 21-Mar-1929  
Andrews, Mrs. Andrew Andrews, Christine AA 2-Jul-1942  
Andrews, Mrs. Louisa   AA 20-Jul-1916  
Anselm, Albert   AA 24-Apr-1958  
Anthony, Cecil Simeon   AA 5-Feb-1941  
Anthony, George   AA 26-Jan-1928  
Anthony, Marcia   AA 26-Sep-1957  
Anthony, Mrs. Effie Yorton, Effie AA 15-Aug-1957  
Anthony, Mrs. George   AA 15-May-1930  
Apps, Elsie Woodward, Mrs. John VH 18-May-1978 2
Arcutt, Pearl Cornwall, Mrs. Walter B. AA 7-May-1925  
Arent, Mrs. Mary   JCCP 12-May-1955 1
Arians, Louis E.   JCCP 15-Aug-1957 1
Arians, Mrs. William Knudson, Mrs. Ellert JCCP 29-Oct-1953 1
Arkose, Regina Schlott, Mrs. Regina AA 25-May-1944  
Armon, Frank   RCP 19-Jul-1928 1
Armstrong, Edward   RR 21-Sep-1923 1
Armstrong, Jamie   VH 5-Apr-1979 2
Arrance, Albert   SPDem 13-Jan-1883 8
Asen, William   VH 3-May-1979 2
Ashbeck, Joseph   JCCP 29-Dec-1955, 5-Jan-1956 1
Ashbeck, Joseph   JCCP 1-Jan, 8-Jan-1959 1
Ashbeck, Mrs. Joseph Linhart, Rose JCCP 18-Aug-1955 1
Ashenbrenner, James   JCCP 5-Apr-1962 1
Asmus, Albert H.   AA 25-Feb, 4-Mar-1954 1,5
Athorp, John O.   JCCP 21-Feb-1963 1
Atkins, John G.   SPDem 15-Nov-1884 8
Atkinson, Charles W.   AA 19-Dec-1918  
Atkinson, Child Atkinson, Charles W. (Father) AA 18-Dec-1913  
Atkinson, Frank James   AA 15-Feb-1940  
Atkinson, Mamie Pesch, Mary SPDem 23-Sep-1882 1
Atkinson, Mrs. William C.   AA 16-Sep-1920  
Atkinson, William C.   AA 19-Jan-1928  
Atwell, Dr. W. F.   AA 11-Apr-1907  
Atwell, Stella R.   AA 10-Nov-1932  
Auby, Arvey   AA 26-Jun-1958  
Auby, Ole   AA 14-Dec-1961  
Auderson, Andrew   SPDem 14-May-1881 1
Augustyniak, Mrs. Anton Augustyniak, Mrs. Mary JCCP 5-Jun-1952 1
Augustyniak, Mrs. Mary Augustyniak, Mrs. Anton JCCP 5-Jun-1952 1
Augustyniak, Paul   JCCP 15-Dec-1949 1
Augustyniak, Paul   JCCP 22-Dec-1949 1
Augustyniak, Peter   JCCP 5-Sep-1957 1
Austin, Caroline Moe, Mrs. Louis I. WL 17-Feb-1864 3
Austin, Male Austin, Timan (Father) RCP 12-Jun-1930 1
Austreng, Clara Luella Notch, Mrs. Frank AA 27-Aug-1959  
Austreng, Lauritz L.   AA 30-Jul-1959  
Austreng, Norman E.   AA 19-Mar-1959  
Avery, J. A.   SPDem 18-Sep-1880 1
Avery, Jared Newell   WL 22-Dec-1865 1
Awald, Mrs. Joseph   AA 18-Sep-1913  
Axtel, Manley P.   AA 11-Apr-1946  
Axtell, Clarence A.   AA 23-Aug-1956  
Ayson, Ida Hammond, Mrs. Ida AA 4-Jan-1968  
Baaske, Emma Schuster, Mrs. William AA 4-Jan-1962 4
Bachinski, Cecelia Gumney, Cecelia AA 28-Aug-1924  
Bachtle, Mrs. Theodore   JCCP 31-Oct-1957 1
Bailey, Mrs. T. A. Stephens, Cythia Carsnette AA 8-May-1930  
Baily, Mrs. D. C. Bailey, Perkins WI Eagle 14-Sep-1885 1
Baker, Esther   Plover Hrld 18-Jun-1857 2
Baker, Florence Rodock, Mrs. Steve VH 30-Nov-1978 2
Baker, George   JCCP 12-Jul-1962 1
Baker, LeRoy R.   VH 2-Nov-1978 2
Baker, Mrs. Neal   RCP 25-Apr-1929 1
Baker, Mrs. W. B.   AA 13-Feb-1936  
Baker, Wyman   AA 4-Feb-1965  
Bakke, Mrs. Andrew Bakke, Torgjerd AA 27-Jan-1955 1
Bakke, Torgjerd Bakke, Mrs. Andrew AA 27-Jan-1955 1
Baldwin, Dan   AA 16-Oct-1913  
Baldwin, Mrs. Edward   AA 11-Apr-1940  
Ball, Mahanna Ball, Mrs. J. A. AA 27-Feb-1908  
Ball, Mrs. J. A. Ball, Mahanna AA 27-Feb-1908  
Ball, Silas   SPDem 9-Dec-1882 8
Ballen, Britton Lorrig, Mrs. Fern AA 16-Sep-1920  
Ballou, James   SPDem 19-Nov-1881 1
Bancroft, George   AA 11-Jul-1929  
Bancroft, Henrietta Bancroft, Mrs. Jerome AA 19-Jun-1913  
Bancroft, Jerome   AA 22-Nov-1899  
Bancroft, Mrs. Jerome Bancroft, Henrietta AA 19-Jun-1913  
Bangle, Jane Morehouse, Jane AA 23-Mar-1905  
Bangle, Melissa   AA 14-Jul-1900  
Bannach, Mrs. Anna   AA 18-May-1967  
Bannach, Mrs. Florian   AA 16-Mar-1933  
Barber, Lloyd James Barber, Ora R. (Father) AA 15-Mar-1917  
Barber, Mrs. Ervin Murray, Ethel JCCP 25-Mar-1965 1
Barber, Ora Rudolph   AA 16-Jul-1959  
Barboe, Ben   AA 21-Feb-1957  
Barboe, Ovidie   AA 5-Mar-1953 5
Barden Mrs. Roy Packer, Pearl May AA 3-Mar-1966  
Barden, Ahira   AA 3-Aug-1939  
Barden, Forest   AA 30-Jul-1942  
Barden, Gladys Floistad, Mrs. Clifford AA 21-Apr-1960  
Barden, Ida Mae Walters, Mrs. Melvin AA 8-Apr-1943  
Barden, Lorraine Eva   AA 12-Jun-1941  
Barden, Mae   AA 18-Jun-1925  
Barden, Mrs. Ahira   AA 30-Jul-1931  
Barden, Mrs. Forest Fletcher, Pearl AA 3, 10-Dec-1953 1,1
Barden, Mrs. Lloyd Madsen, Gladys AA 31-Oct-1963 4
Barden, Seth   AA 4-Oct-1906  
Barden, Seth H.   AA 2-Dec-1943  
Barden, Twins Barden, Lloyd (Father) AA 1-Oct-1931  
Barnes, Mrs. Myron C. Bentley, Ella AA 29-Jun-1961  
Barnes, Walter R.   SPDem 9-Dec-1882 8
Barnett, Jack W.   AA 20-Nov-1952 4
Barney, Mrs. Ben Maves, Edna AA 16-Jul-1964 5
Barnsdale, Kate Barnsdale, Mrs. Walter AA 18-Mar-1954 8
Barnsdale, Mrs. Walter Barnsdale, Kate AA 18-Mar-1954 8
Barr, Alan   AA 6-Mar-1958  
Barrett, Bridget Hetzel, Mrs. Bridget AA 16-Nov-1961  
Barrows, George L.   AA 10-Nov-1921  
Barta, Mrs. Julia Csinka, Julia JCCP 24-Oct-1963 1
Bartel, Arlie   AA 27-Apr-1967  
Bartel, Clara Kurkowski, Mrs. Joseph AA 5-Apr-1934  
Bartelt, Ida Milka, Mrs. William JCCP 17-May-1951 1
Bartkowiak, Mrs. Benjamin Kowalski, Hattie AA 20-Aug-1964 6
Bartlett, William   AA 19-Jun-1924  
Barton, Daniel   AA 4-Jun-1925  
Barton, George Fleming   AA 14-Sep-1933  
Barwell, Mrs. Martha   AA 22-Jan-1920  
Basford, Mary   AA 25-Oct-1956  
Basford, Mrs. Edgar Gibbs, Lucille H. VH 14-Dec-1978 2
Basford, Ralph W.   AA 12-Jun-1952 1
Bassett, Ruth Metcalf, Mrs. Rounds TRT 23-Apr-1976  
Bassler, Lena Schleicher, Mrs. Frank VH 18-May-1978 2
Bassler, Lena Kleist, Mrs. Gustau VH 18-May-1978 2
Bassuener, Harry   JCCP 30-Apr-1964 1
Bathke, Alvin   JCCP 28-Nov-1963 1
Baum, Mrs. Roman Williamson, Florence AA 30-Aug-1928  
Bazal, Joseph A.   JCCP 16-Aug,  23-Aug-1956 1
Beach, Lorinda   WL 27-Jan-1865 4
Beals, Fred J.   SPDem 7-Jun-1884 1
Bean, Judge   SPDem 22-Jan-1881 8
Bean, Mrs. Clarence Koziczkowski, Virginia AA 3-Nov-1960  
Beandreau, Clemence   SPDem 8-Jan-1881 1
Beardmore, Irving J.   AA 1-May-1958  
Beattie, Dexter Beattie, Mike RR 26-May, 30-Jun-1922 1
Beattie, Mike Beattie, Dexter RR 26-May, 30-Jun-1922 1
Bebinger, Robert   SPDem 3-Sep-1881 1
Becher, Frank   JCCP 7-Feb, 14-Feb-1963 1
Beck, Donald   AA 29-Mar-1956  
Beck, Mrs. August Richard, Martha JCCP 13-Aug-1959 1
Beck, Paul J.   JCCP 18-Jan-1962 1
Becker, Mrs. John S. Malik, --- JCCP 25-Oct-1962 1
Becklund, Joan   AA 12-Dec-1957  
Beedle, Jacob I. I.   WL 18-Aug-1865 4
Beggs, Fred E.   VH 16-Nov-1978 2
Beggs, Mrs. Allen Lamb, Joyce May VH 26-Jan-1978 2
Behling, Jess   JCCP 16-Feb-1956 1
Behling, Mrs. Jess   JCCP 23-Feb-1956 1
Behnar, Anna Kadrlik, Mrs. Wencel JCCP 16-Apr-1953 1
Behnke, Julia Behnke, Mrs. Maurice AA 21-Mar-1957  
Behnke, Julius   AA 26-Jun-1958  
Behnke, Mrs. Maurice Behnke, Julia AA 21-Mar-1957  
Behnke, Nile J.   AA 21-Oct-1954 1
Beidleman, George K.   AA 30-Mar-1916  
Beidleman, John   AA 21-Jun-1956  
Beidleman, Mrs. George K.   AA 10-May-1934  
Beidleman, Mrs. John W. Peterson, --- AA 4-Feb-1954 1
Bein, Edna Martens, Mrs. Daniel JCCP 28-Mar-1963 1
Bell, Edwin   Plover Hrld 5-Mar-1857 2
Bella, Annie Kawleski, Mrs. Max VH 13-Dec-1979 3
Bellanger, Joseph   Plover Hrld 14-May-1857 2
Bemis, Beulah Sawyer, Mrs. Howard VH 18-May-1978 2
Benaski, Son Benaski, Michael (Father) SPDem 5-Aug-1882 8
Benish, Mrs. Stephen Novak, Katerina JCCP 24-May, 31-May-1951 1
Benish, Stephen   JCCP 25-Oct-1956 1
Benjamin, Eunice Tubbs, Mrs. Adrial VH 15-May-1980 2
Benkowski, Joseph A.   JCCP 5-Mar-1964 1
Benlow, Anton   RR 25-Nov-1921 1
Bennett, Edwin   WL 19-Jul-1867 1
Bennett, James   SPDem 4-Nov-1882 8
Bennett, Judith Bennett, Mrs. E. WL 30 Mar, 20-Apr-1866 1
Bennett, Mrs. E. Bennett, Judith WL 30 Mar, 20-Apr-1866 1
Bennett, Opal V. O'Keefe, Mrs. Raymond VH 28-Dec-1978 2
Bennett, Rev. W. L.   JCCP 11-May-1950 1
Bennett, Solomon   AA 17-Jul-1901  
Bennett, Virginia B. Folmer, Mrs. Arthur VH 9-Mar-1978 2
Benson, Alice   AA 14-Mar-1912  
Benson, Ben   AA 13-Feb-1908  
Benson, Frank   AA 24-Oct-1918  
Benson, H.   SPDem 15-May-1880 1
Benson, H. O.   AA 21-Oct-1943  
Benson, Hans   SPDem 12 May, 9-Jun-1883 8
Benson, Harry   AA 14-Oct-1943  
Benson, Mildred   AA 11-Apr-1946  
Benson, Mrs. Carl   AA 14-Mar-1912  
Benson, Mrs. Caroline Grob, Caroline AA 8-May-1958  
Benson, Mrs. Harry Damrau, Laura AA 1-Mar-1923  
Benson, Mrs. Minnie Hansen, Minnie Rozella AA 13-Jun-1957  
Benson, Mrs. Wilbur   AA 14-Jun-1956  
Benson, Thomas   AA 20-Mar-1958  
Bentley, Ella Barnes, Mrs Myron C. AA 29-Jun-1961  
Bentley, Pearle   AA 18-May-1933  
Bently, George   SPDem 10-Mar-1883 8
Beranek, John   JCCP 13-Nov-1956 1
Berberg, Andrew   AA 14-Jan-1954 1,4
Berberg, Mrs. Andrew Hanson, Mina AA 31-Dec-1964 4
Berg, Barney   JCCP 27-Aug, 3-Sep-1953 1
Berg, Bill Arnold   JCCP 17-Feb, 24-Feb-1955 1
Berg, Charlotte Arians, Mrs. William JCCP 29-Oct-1953 1
Berg, Charlotte Knudson, Mrs. Ellert JCCP 29-Oct-1953 1
Berg, Elias   AA 9, 16-Nov-1939  
Berg, G. Olaf   JCCP 7-May-1953 1
Berg, Hans   AA 15-Sep-1960  
Berg, Harold H.   JCCP 1-Jun,  8-Jun-1961 1
Berg, Harris   AA 15-Dec-1932  
Berg, Mrs. E.   RR 20-May-1921 4
Berg, Olina Johnson, Mrs. Hans P. AA 15-Aug-1918  
Berg, Otto E.   JCCP 26-Feb-1959 1,4
Berg, Sidney   AA 30-Aug-1945  
Berge, Johannes   AA 30-Nov-1933  
Berge, Mrs. Anges   AA 9-Mar-1961  
Berge, Peder O.   AA 4, 11-Jun-1914  
Bergen, Oscar   AA 15-Dec-1960  
Berger, Etta W. Webster, Mrs. Fred E. AA 5-Jun-1958  
Berger, Nina Driesbach, Mrs. Frank AA 15-Jan-1953 1
Bergevin, Raymond   JCCP 31-Aug-1961 3
Berggren, ---- Brown, Mrs. Ernest F. JCCP 28-Nov-1957 1
Bergholte, Eileen   AA 5-Jan-1922  
Bergholte, Frederick   AA 25-Jun-1936  
Bergholte, John   AA 13-Aug-1908  
Bergholte, Mrs. John   AA 11-Jul-1940  
Bergin, Peter   AA 6-May-1915  
Bergin, Thomas Stephen   AA 3-Mar-1932  
Bergstade, Annette   RCP 3-Jul-1930 1
Berhagen, Harland   JCCP 7-Jun,  14-Jun-1956 1
Berhagen, Mrs. Emil Carlson, Ellen Matildah JCCP 22-Nov-1951 1
Berna, Dominick   AA 22-Jul-1937  
Berna, Frank   RCP 11-Apr-1929 1
Berna, Frank   RCP 24, 31-Jan-1929 1, 8
Berna, Joseph   AA 10-Jul-1941  
Berna, Joseph   AA 7-Mar-1963 5
Berna, Walter   AA 7-Apr-1927  
Berna, Walter   RCP 31-Mar-1927 1
Bernatas,George   VH 22-Mar-1979 2
Bernhagen, Leonard "Lex"   JCCP 16-Oct-1958 1
Bernhagen, Martha Lesavich, Mrs. Edward JCCP 11-Oct, 18-Oct-1956 1
Berquist, Mrs. Anna Jacobson, Anna AA 15-Feb-1962 5
Berry, Andrew J.   AA 9-Mar-1922  
Berry, Edward   AA 22-Jul-1954 1
Berry, John A.   AA 29-Nov-1934  
Berry, Mary C.   AA 1-Jul-1954 1
Berry, Mrs. Andrew J.   AA 2-Jul-1936  
Bersnek, Anna Harmacek, Mrs. Joseph JCCP 25-Mar-1954 1
Berto, Beatrice Betty   AA 23-Apr-1942  
Berto, Elmer, C.   AA 1-Apr-1965  
Berto, George W.   AA 2-Aug-1893  
Berto, Louella Prochnow, Mrs. Louella AA 20-Dec-1956  
Berto, Mrs. George Modrzewski, Pauline AA 30-Sep-1965  
Berto, Mrs. George Webster, Mrs. John AA 12, 19-May-1938  
Berto, Mrs. Lucinda   AA 1-Apr-1965  
Berto, Son Berto, James A. (Father) AA 19-Mar-1925  
Berto, Son Berto, Melville G. (Father) AA 5-May-1938  
Berto, Thomas J.   AA 28-Mar-1957  
Bertram, Clarence   JCCP 16-Jan, 23-Jan-1958 1
Bertram, Mrs. Herman Kuehl, August Amelia JCCP 20-Aug-1953 1
Berwick, Joseph   SPDem 2-Feb-1884 8
Best, Philip   SPDem 22-Mar-1884 8
Bestul Mary Dorthea Lystul, Mrs. Mary AA 21-Oct-1943  
Bestul, Caroline Quinn, Mrs. Caroline AA 24-Aug-1967  
Bestul, Dorothea Rosholt, Mrs. John G. AA 9-Dec-1954 8
Bestul, Gladys   AA 24-Feb-1938  
Bestul, Julia Johnson, Mrs. Julia AA 19-Feb-1959  
Bestul, Julius N.   AA 13-Mar-1958  
Bestul, Karen   AA 9-Jun-1960  
Bestul, Mabel Wrolstad, Mrs. Alfred AA 26-Apr-1945  
Bestul, Morris   AA 15-Feb-1962 5
Bestul, Mrs. Charles Aanonson, --- RR 1, 8-Jul-1921 1
Bestul, Mrs. James Lysne, Clara O. AA 16-May-1957  
Bestul, Mrs. Julius Syvertson, Inga AA 11-May-1961  
Bestul, Nora Mountain, Mrs. Nora AA 16-Apr-1959  
Bestul, Ole   RCP 12-Jun-1930 8
Bestul, Ralph   AA 26-Sep-1963 8
Bestul, Realf   AA 26-Jan-1961  
Bestul, Severin Olaus   AA 26-Mar-1959  
Bestull, Olaf R.   AA 9-Aug-1962 6
Betker, Andrew   RR 28-Jan-1921 5
Betker, Carl   RCP 2, 9-Dec-1926 1
Betlach, Irene L. Denison, Mrs. Irene AA 7-Aug-1958  
Betlach, Vincent   AA 24-Aug-1916  
Betlach, William F.   AA 24-Sep-1964 5
Biadasz, Mrs Jacob Repinski, Dominicka AA 8-Jan-1959  
Bialek, Joe   JCCP 12-Sep-1957 1
Bialek, John   JCCP 7-Aug-1952 1
Bibby, Fanny B.   SPDem 3-Apr-1880 1
Bick, H.   SPDem 18-Oct-1884 8
Bickel, Albert   AA 24-Jan-1957  
Bickel, Bertha Bickel, Mrs. Marcus AA 26-Feb-1925  
Bickel, Caroline Sinder, Mrs. Caroline AA 12-Oct-1967  
Bickel, Charles   AA 1-Nov-1910  
Bickel, Elisa Lutz, Mrs. John AA 27-Jun, 11-Jul-1940  
Bickel, George   AA 14-May-1925  
Bickel, John   AA 25-Feb-1904  
Bickel, John Andrew   AA 4-Apr-1946  
Bickel, Marie Anna Heinrich, Mrs. Carl W. AA 8-Jan-1953 1
Bickel, Mary   AA 11-Nov-1909  
Bickel, Mrs. Charles   AA 8, 15-Feb-1934  
Bickel, Mrs. John   AA 25-Feb-1904  
Bickel, Mrs. Marcus Bickel, Bertha AA 26-Feb-1925  
Bickel, Son Bickel, Charles (Father) AA 8-Feb-1912  
Bigler, Blanche E.   AA 14-Jun-1956  
Bigler, James Henry   AA 9-Nov-1916  
Bigler, Mrs. W. S.   AA 6-Jun-1918  
Bigler, W. S.   AA 1, 15-Mar-1928  
Bigsby, Bert   AA 11-Jul-1907  
Bigsby, Ethel Senn, Ethel AA 4-Jun-1964 5
Bigsby, Frank   AA 9-Jul-1931  
Bigsby, Jessie   AA 23-Feb-1928  
Bigsby, Mrs. Frank   AA 15-Apr-1920  
Bikowski, Frances Kaczmarek, Mrs. Stanley JCCP 17-Oct-1963 1
Bincen, Joseph   JCCP 9-Sep-1965 1
Birney, Peter C.   AA 12-Feb-1948  
Bishop, Cassie   AA 27-Jul-1905  
Bishop, Harvey A.   AA 12-Aug-1915  
Bishop, John   AA 9-Mar-1911  
Bishop, Mrs. Harvey A.   AA 1-May-1919  
Bishop, Mrs. John   AA 15-Feb-1899  
Bjerland, Rachel Borgen, Mrs. George AA 31-Aug-1961  
Blair, Robert   AA 12-Apr-1934  
Blair, William   AA 21-May-1902  
Blake, James   SPDem 30-Jun-1883 1
Blake, Mrs. Charles   JCCP 16-Nov-1961 1
Blanc, Samuel   AA 31-Dec-1964 4
Blankenberg, George   JCCP 15-Dec-1949 1
Blarek, Mrs. Leo Meronek, Helen AA 24-Nov-1955 4
Blaske, Catherine Ostrowski, Mrs. Catherine AA 2-Feb-1967  
Blaski, Daughter Blaski, Joe (Father) AA 11-Sep-1930  
Blaylock, Florence   AA 25-Aug-1955 4
Blegen, Daughter Blegen, Rev. H. M. (Father) AA 24-Mar-1938  
Blehovde, Mrs. Thomas   AA 18-Feb-1909  
Blehovde, Severt   AA 13-Feb-1919  
Blenke, Clarence   AA 28-Feb-1963 5
Blenker, Clarence (Larry)   JCCP 21-Feb, 28-Feb-1963 1
Blenker, Donald Blenker, Albert (Father) AA 4-Mar-1943  
Blenker, Henry J.   AA 24-Jan-1952 1
Blenker, Henry J.   JCCP 17-Jan, 24-Jan-1952 1
Blenker, Joseph A.   AA 8-Nov-1956  
Blenker, Joseph A.   JCCP 1-Nov-1956 1
Blenker, Mrs. Henry Blenker, Theresa AA 17-Feb-1955 1
Blenker, Mrs. Henry Brandl, Theresa JCCP 10-Feb-1955 1
Blenker, Theresa Blenker, Mrs. Henry AA 17-Feb-1955 1
Bleymayr, John   SPDem 11-Nov-1882 8
Blihovde, Tom   RR 23-Nov-1923 4
Bliski, Rosemary   AA 28-Sep-1961  
Blodgett, Della   AA 25-Feb-1926  
Blodgett, Infant   WI State Rights 19-Jun-1861 2
Blodgett, Mrs. P. H. Lawrence, Cora Ella SPDem 18 Feb, 8-Apr-1882 1
Blondy, Adam   SPDem 12-Aug-1882 8
Blonian, John K.   JCCP 2-Sep-1954 1
Blonien, Mrs. John Muellenbach, Catharine JCCP 10-Dec-1964 1
Bloomer, Anna Van Myers, Mrs. John W. WL 17-Feb-1864 3
Blow, Louis   SPDem 8-Dec-1883 8
Bobbe, Cecilia Ptolemy, Mrs. Cecilia Agnes AA 12-Apr-1956  
Bobbe, Dawn   AA 23-Sep-1954 8
Bobbe, Gustave   AA 1-Oct-1953 1
Bobbe, Henrietta Otto   AA 24-Jan-1924  
Bobbe, Mrs. Daniel Loberg, Marilla Marion AA 2-Feb-1956  
Bobbe, Mrs. H.H.   AA 29-Oct-1941  
Bobbe, Mrs. Wilhelm Otto, Henrietta AA 24-Feb-1924  
Bobbe, Otto   AA 31-May, 7-Jun-1962 5,8
Bobbe, Rose Susie Hanson, Rose Susie AA 14-Jun-1945  
Bobrowski, --- Mallek, Mrs. Joseph A. JCCP 11-Feb-1965 1
Bobrowski, Antonia Mallek, Mrs. John JCCP 10-Dec-1953 1
Bobrowski, Frank   JCCP 6-Nov, 13-Nov-1952 1
Bobrowski, John J.   JCCP 13-Sep-1951 1
Bobrowski, Mrs. John Schultz, Magdeline JCCP 26-Sep-1963 1
Bobrowski, Mrs. Joseph Hoppa, --- JCCP 24-Oct-1963 1
Boe, Bernice   RR 16-Nov-1923 1
Boehm, Will   SPDem 19-May-1883 8
Boelter, Adolph F.   AA 13-Jul-1961  
Boelter, Albertina Thiele, Mrs. Albert AA 20-Jan-1955 1
Boelter, Benjamin August   AA 17-Jan-1946  
Boelter, David   AA 3, 10-Oct-1929  
Boelter, Erwin R.   AA 11, 18-Jul-1963 4,4
Boelter, Fred   AA 19-Nov-1964 4
Boelter, Gustave   AA 15, 22-Dec-1938  
Boelter, Hulda A. Lutz, Mrs. Andrew VH 2-Nov-1978 2
Boelter, Julius   AA 29-Apr-1915  
Boelter, Louise Smith, Mrs. Albert VH 8-Feb-1979 3
Boelter, Mrs. A. J.   AA 7-Dec-1916  
Boelter, Mrs. Albert   AA 19-Mar-1936  
Boelter, Mrs. Benjamin Boelter, Selma TRT 3-May-1976  
Boelter, Mrs. Fred Vaughn, Myrtle AA 19-Nov-1964 4
Boelter, Mrs. Gustave (1st wife)   AA 30-Sep-1926  
Boelter, Mrs. Gustave (2nd wife) Timm, Mathilda AA 24-Feb-1938  
Boelter, Selma Hetzel, Mrs. John AA 3-Nov-1966  
Boelter, Selma Boelter, Mrs. Benjamin TRT 3-May-1976  
Boelter, William J.   AA 4-Jul-1957  
Boerner, Dr. John   VH 3-May-1979 2
Boettcher, ---- Meindle, Mrs. John JCCP 26-May-1955 1
Boettcher, Kenneth Lee   JCCP 10-Aug-1950 1
Bohm, Edward R.   AA 20-Aug-1953 1
Bohm, Edward R.   JCCP 20-Aug-1953 1
Bohman, Frank   AA 9-Jun-1955 1
Boisely, Thom   AA 8-Jan-1902  
Boland, Bertha Johnson, Mrs. John P. AA 23-Apr-1953 1
Bond, Martha E. Phillips, Mrs. Myron AA 10, 17-Nov-1955 1,8
Bonnell, Mrs. William Mallison, Anne Ella AA 27-Apr, 11-May-1922  
Bonnell, Mrs. William Mallison, Eliza A. AA 27-Apr, 11-May-1922  
Bontwell, Male Bontwell, Oscar (Father) RR 10-Jun-1921 4
Boone Dorothy   RR 9-May-1924 4
Boone, Ethel   AA 8-May-1930  
Borchardt, Frank Emil   AA 15-May-1941  
Borchardt, Mrs. Herman Alder, Mathilda AA 26-Feb, 5 Mar-1953 1,3,5
Borchert, August   AA 31-Mar-1938  
Borchert, Augusta Borchert, Mrs. William AA 8-Jan-1931  
Borchert, Harold   AA 6-Jul-1922  
Borchert, Laura Sutheimer, Mrs. Julius AA 14-Jan-1926  
Borchert, Mrs. Arnold Morgan, Eva Rae AA 2, 9-Sep-1954 1,4
Borchert, Mrs. Otto Strauss, Emma AA 27-May-1965  
Borchert, Mrs. William Borchert, Augusta AA 8-Jan-1931  
Borchert, Otto   AA 12-Jan-1967  
Borchert, Scott William   AA 7-Dec-1961  
Borchert, William   AA 16-Jul-1936  
Bordson, Halvor   AA 5-Dec-1907  
Borgan, Raymond   AA 20-Feb-1919, 30-Sep, 7, 14-Oct-1920  
Borgen, Adolph   AA 6, 13-Oct-1932  
Borgen, Benjamin   AA 11-May-1905  
Borgen, Bjorn (Ben)   AA 25-Oct-1906  
Borgen, Donald   AA 8-Nov-1956  
Borgen, Effie Alice   AA 30-May-1918  
Borgen, Ella Sannes, Mrs. Ella AA 6-Aug-1959  
Borgen, George   AA 1-Feb-1940  
Borgen, Irene Lee, Mrs. Elmer AA 14, 21-Mar-1963 5,5
Borgen, Leslie   AA 17, 24-Aug-1967  
Borgen, Mrs. George Bjerland, Rachel AA 31-Aug-1961  
Borgen, Mrs. Ole Hartman, Paulina AA 24, 31-May-1934  
Borgen, Olbert Talford   AA 23-Jan-1964 4
Borgen, Ole    AA 25-Jun-1936  
Borgen, Torbjorn Gunderson   AA 27-Nov-1907  
Bork, Shirley Ann   AA 3-Jan-1952 1
Borkenhagen, Charles   JCCP 29-Aug-1963 1
Borkenhagen, Frank   JCCP 29-Apr-1965 1
Borkenhagen, William   JCCP 23-Jan, 30-Jan-1958 1
Borowski, Rev. Peter   AA 3-Aug-1939  
Borpon, Mrs. Kate   AA 2-Oct-1941  
Borsack, Mark Stephen   AA 13-Nov-1952 1
Borski, Frank   JCCP 18-Dec-1952 1
Borski, Leo   JCCP 12-Oct-1950 1
Borski, Ruby Kowalski, Mrs. Ruby JCCP 12-Feb-1953 1
Borth Gustave   JCCP 17-Dec-1953 1
Borth, --- Schrank, Mrs. Arthur JCCP 16-Apr-1959 1
Borth, Frank   JCCP 5-Jul-1956 1
Borth, Mrs.   JCCP 14-Oct-1954 2
Bortz, Herman   AA 16-May-1963 8
Boshinski, Anna   AA 25-Dec-1930  
Boss, Ailee Smith, Mrs. Casper AA 15-Jun-1967  
Boss, Henry H.   AA 15-Feb-1917  
Boss, Mrs. H. H.   AA 30-Apr-1908  
Boss, Mrs. William   AA 1-Sep-1932  
Boss, Rachel Peterson, Mrs. William AA 7-Jan-1960  
Boss, Thomas   AA 31-Mar-1904  
Boss, William   AA 28-Apr-1938  
Bostwick, Mrs. F. C. Slothower, Anna M. WL 4-Aug-1865 4
Bostwick, Theadore F.   WL 2-Mar-1864 3
Bothen, Joseph   AA 12-Mar-1964 4
Bothwell, Alice Gibbons, Alice AA 4-Jun-1893  
Bound, Mrs. Frederick Youngs, Myrtle A. VH 10-Apr-1980 3
Bourn, A. E.   RR 18-Aug-1922 1
Boursien, David   AA 20-Sep-1962 1
Boursier, Elizabeth Bell   AA 22-Mar-1939  
Boursier, Mrs. David C. Wagner, Theresa AA 26-Apr-1956  
Boushley, Eugene E.   AA 4-Feb-1954 1
Boushley, Frank O.   AA 14, 21-Mar-1940  
Boushley, Joseph   AA 20-Nov-1924  
Boushley, Mike   AA 4-Aug-1938  
Bowden, Alton H.   VH 28-Feb-1980  
Bowden, Mrs. Patrick   AA 8-Sep-1921  
Bowen, Mr.   SPDem 27-Nov-1880 1
Boylan, Anna   JCCP 12-Apr-1956 1
Boynton, Emma Boynton, Mrs. John W. AA 18-Aug-1910  
Boynton, John W.   AA 6-May-1920  
Boynton, Lizzie A. Carey, Elizabeth Boynton AA 27-Sep-1934  
Boynton, Mr.   AA 27-Mar-1952 8
Boynton, Mrs. John W. Boynton, Emma AA 18-Aug-1910  
Boynton, Mrs. Margaret Boynton, Mrs. Perry AA 6-Apr-1939  
Boynton, Mrs. P.E. Brandt, Emily AA 15-Feb-1962 1
Boynton, Mrs. P.E. Brandt, Emily AA 15, 22-Feb-1962 1,1
Boynton, Mrs. Perry Boynton, Mrs. Margaret AA 6-Apr-1939  
Boynton, Perry E.   AA 30-Jan-1947  
Boyson, Anna Smith, Mrs. C.E. AA 18, 25-May-1961  
Braatz, Mrs. Clarence Gasmann, Charlotte AA 23-Oct-1952 1
Brackett, Arthur   AA 7-Jul-1932  
Brackett, Mrs. Arthur   AA 4-Aug-1932  
Bradt, Mable   AA 17-Oct-1918  
Brady, Matthew P.   VH 27-Mar-1980 2
Brady, Mrs. Charles Stepleton, Mary AA 9-Apr-1931  
Brady, Rev. Father J. M.   SPDem 8-Apr-1882 1
Brady, Ruth E.   VH 22-Feb-1979 2
Brainerd, Charles Rollin   AA 9-Feb-1898  
Brandl, Clara Dichtel, Mrs. Frank JCCP 21-Oct-1954 1
Brandl, Joseph G.   JCCP 28-Oct-1965 1
Brandl, Joseph J.   JCCP 25-Feb-1965 1
Brandl, Mrs. John   JCCP 31-Aug-1950 1
Brandl, Mrs. Joseph G. Brozek, --- JCCP 12-Mar-1953 1
Brandl, Norman   JCCP 30-Mar-1950 1
Brandl, Regina Weber, Mrs. Theodore JCCP 24-Nov-1955 1
Brandl, Theresa Blenker, Mrs. Henry JCCP 10-Feb-1955 1
Brands, Sarah Matilda   Plover Hrld 18-Sep-1856 3
Brandt, Albert   AA 22-Nov-1956  
Brandt, Albert   AA 24, 31-Dec-1936  
Brandt, Eleanore Zimmerman, Mrs. Fred JCCP 29-Dec-1955 1
Brandt, Emily Boynton, Mrs. P.E. AA 15-Feb-1962 1
Brandt, Emily Boynton, Mrs. P.E. AA 15, 22-Feb-1962 1,1
Brandt, Jennie   AA 30-Mar-1967  
Brandum, Elmer   AA 15-Dec-1921  
Brandum, John   AA 29-Jan-1953 1
Brannan, S. S.   SPDem 17-Apr-1880 1
Braskey, Ella Carlson, Mrs. Ella AA 28-Jan-1965  
Braskey, Mrs. Sophia Peterson, Sophia AA 29-Jun-1944  
Brathovde, Christena Wolden, Mrs. Peter H. AA 16-Jan-1958  
Brathovde, Henry   AA 17-Oct-1963 5
Brathovde, James Kurt   AA 19-Aug-1965  
Brathovde, John   AA 25-Jul-1940  
Brathovde, Karen Mortenson   AA 3-Jul-1923  
Brathovde, Mrs. John O.   AA 1-Jan-1942  
Brathovde, Mrs. Oliver Velund, Signe AA 17, 24-Apr-1952 1,1
Brathovde, Nels Mortenson   AA 14-Apr-1921  
Brathovde, Sandra Catherine   AA 31-Aug-1961  
Brathvode, Twins Brathovde, Henry (Father) AA 12-Feb-1920  
Braun, Mrs. Elizabeth Wenzel, Elizabeth AA 21-May-1964 8
Breadmore, Mrs. Frank J.   SPDem 26-Feb-1881 1
Bredesen, Mrs. Adolph   AA 29-Jan-1914  
Breed, Andrew   SPDem 13-Nov-1880 1
Breeden, Harold   AA 5-Aug-1965  
Breeden, Mrs. Harold Mason, Jennie AA 6-Mar-1958  
Breit, Mrs. John Zimmerman, Josephine JCCP 11-May-1950 1
Brekke, Alfred   AA 11-Mar-1954 1
Brekke, Hans Hanson   AA 9-Jan-1936  
Brekke, Henry   AA 12-Dec-1908  
Brekke, Mrs. Andrew   AA 15-Jul-1937  
Brekken, Arthur   RR 8-Feb-1924 4
Bremer, Juliette   Plover Hrld 9-Apr-1857 2
Bremer, Wilbert   JCCP 18-Dec-1958 1
Bremmer, Harlo   AA 28-Sep-1967  
Bremmer, Mrs. Clara Paterick, Clara AA 23-Feb-1967  
Bremmer, Mrs. Harlo Yorton, Ruby Elizabeth AA 16-Mar-1967  
Brennant, Sidney H.   AA 30-Oct-1913  
Brenning, Carl   SPDem 27-Jan-1883 8
Breseman, Rick   VH 20-Sep-1979 2
Bretl, Mrs. Charles Younger, Mary JCCP 14-Feb, 21-Feb-1957 1
Brevik, Arnold   RR 2, 9-May-1924 5,4
Brew, Daniel Jr.   SPDem 6-Dec-1884 8
Brey, Herman   JCCP 28-Oct-1954 1
Brey, Mrs. Edward