— Notes —

These are some terms or abbreviations that may be encountered in the obituaries:

Benson's CornersJunction of Hwy 161 and county road T
Big Bull FallsNow Wausau
Bluff cemeteryPine Grove cemetery
Bright's diseaseNephritis; kidney inflammation
C. K. of W.Catholic Knights of Wisconsin
Carbolic acidPhenol, C6H5OH, a common antiseptic
CentraliaNow part of Wisconsin Rapids
ChloralTrichloroethanal, CCl3CHO, a drug made from chlorine and alcohol
Cholera infantumDisease characterized by severe vomiting, fever, and abdominal swelling; usually occurs in hot weather, hence also called "summer complaint"
Cholera morbusAcute gastroenteritis marked by severe cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.
Not related to cholera.
CoddingtonFormer railroad stop at Coddington Road and Taft Avenue in the town of Buena Vista
Conant RapidsNow Whiting
Corrosive sublimateMercuric chloride, HgCl2, an antiseptic
D. T.Dakota Territory, now North and South Dakota
DipsomaniaUncontrollable craving for stimulants, brought on by alcoholism
DropsyEdema, retention of fluid
E. F. U.Equitable Fraternal Union
Episcopal cemeteryNow Forest cemetery
G. A. R.Grand Army of the Republic, an organization for Union veterans of the Civil War
Grand RapidsNow Wisconsin Rapids (change effective August 4, 1920)
Grip, la grippeInfluenza
Hetzel, villageFormer settlement at Hwy EE and 4th Avenue in the town of Almond
Inst. or instantThe present month
International Bible StudentsNow Jehovah's Witnesses
Jenny (town)Now Merrill
K. O. T. M.Knights of the Maccabees
L. O. T. M.Ladies of the Maccabees
LaudanumAlcohol solution of opium
Liberty CornersSettlement at J and Old Amish Road (JJ) in the town of Buena Vista
Little Bull FallsNow Mosinee
Locomotor ataxiaLoss of coordination causing difficulty in walking, often from syphilis
M. E. churchMethodist Episcopal (now Methodist) church
M. W. A.Modern Woodmen of America
Meehan StationFormer railroad stop near Hwy F in the town of Plover
Membranous croupInflammation of the throat, with a false membrane developing in the airway
Oakwood cemeteryNow Elmwood cemetery
Paris greenCopper aceto-arsenite, Cu(C2H3O2)2•3CuAs2O4, an insecticide
Poland CornersEllis
Prox. or proximoNext month
R. A. M.Royal Arch Masons
R. N. A.Royal Neighbors of America, women's auxiliary of the Modern Woodmen of America
RolnikLiterally, "Farmer", a Polish language paper founded in 1892
S. of V.Sons of Veterans
sicThe original reads thus
Sit tibi terra levisMay the earth rest lightly upon you
Summer complaintSee cholera infantum
The sectionRailroad track maintenance
The SloughBackwater of the Wisconsin River, now filled, extending north and east for several blocks from what is now Pfiffner park
Ult. or ultimoLast month
W. C. O. F.Women's Catholic Order of Foresters

About Street Names

Over the years a number of street names have been changed. The following article is from the Stevens Point Daily Journal of March 6, 1896:

Minnesota avenue and Point street will both be known in the future as one street, Minnesota avenue
Illinois avenue and Dayton street will be known by the one name, Illinois avenue.
North Third and Center streets now bear the name of North Third street.
As there were two Cross streets, the one on the west side was changed to Karner street.
The alley from Fifth avenue south, between Smith and Union streets will be known as Smith Place.
As there are two George streets, the one in the Fourth ward will be known as Georgia street.
South Division street was changed to Park street.

Several streets have been renamed or vacated since that time. Here is a partial list:

What was . . .Became . . .
Brown StreetCollege Avenue, west of University
Cedar Street(vacated)
Cemetery StreetKoch Street
Center AvenueEast Avenue
Center AvenueWyatt Avenue
Central AvenueWest Clark Street
Crooked WayEllis Street between Clark Street and Strongs Avenue
Fay StreetEllis Street east of Reserve Street
Forest Avenue(vacated)
Fremont AvenueFremont Street
George StreetRogers Street
Hemlock StreetTamarack Street
Jordan RoadStanley Street
Kingston StreetLincoln Avenue between Reserve and Fremont Streets
Mill StreetArlington Place
Normal AvenueCollege Avenue, east of University
North AvenueBukolt Avenue
Pearl Avenue(vacated)
River StreetWest Cornell Avenue; another River Street was flooded when the dam was raised
Sanatorium AvenueCoon Avenue
Sawdust StreetCrosby Avenue
Seth StreetWhiting Avenue
Smith PlacePulaski Place
St. Louis AvenueWest River Drive, south of Hwy 10
Superior AvenueWest River Drive, north of Hwy 10
Wisconsin AvenueWelsby Avenue

The obituaries and other contents of this index were researched by Dr. G. Miller, Stevens Point, Wis.

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